Adopt-a-Trail, Mattley Loop

Our most recent trip garnished a thank you letter from the Calaveras Ranger District.
cdf_memo.pdf September 12, 2007

Our organization in accord with our mission to preserve interesting compare and contrast essay topics land for responsible use, have an adopt a trail in the Stanislaus National Forrest. The trail head is 7N09. It is a trail that is off of Highway 4 between Bear Valley and Arnold in California.

A group of us take time to get out there and open and close the trail every year, including maintainance of the designated trail. We try to keep this trail up so that it is usable and others do not try and break new ground, distroying the beauty of the Sierras.

Contact: For questions and info -Jason Green

Location: Stanislaus National Forest, Calaveras Ranger District
Highway 4 approx 19m Above Arnold Ca.,
@ Forest Rd 7N09 (see Map 1 & Map 2)

Trail name: Mattley Loop, Mattley Ridge, Long Gulch By-Pass

Trail: Dirt rutted fire roads, a few steep grades. Any 4WD vehicle with moderate ground clearance and good tires will do fine. Mattley Loop is basically an SUV trail with a few slightly challenging sections. Long Gulch By-Pass has a nasty black diamond section, with 30 degree off-camber, about 1.5 miles in. Only very capable vehicles and very experienced drivers will be able to proceed – others will return the way they came in.

Camp: Horse Gulch Campground. Dry primitive camp with no toilets, fire grills, or tables. Trailers are not a problem. Horse Gulch camp is about 4.4 Mi. from hwy. 4 on forest road 7N09 (left side of the road – see Map 1 & Map 2)

Other Places to Stay:

  • Timberline Lodge, 209-795-1053, Arnold – Most conveinient
  • Breakfast at Hungry Prospector, Arnold – GOOD Parking Lott
  • Dorrington Hotel, 209-795-5800, Dorrington – Great dinners B&B Hi$
  • Tammarack Lodge, 209-753-2001, Bear Valley

Caravan from the Bay Area: Meeting place and time TBD as we get closer to the event.

Last Stop for Gas:The town of Arnold

Ranger Station:: 5519 Hwy 4, Hathaway Pines (between Murphys and Arnold – right side of the road). Office Hours: M-F 8:00 – 5:00, Sat 8:00 – 3:00. Phone (209) 795-1381. Get maps and fire permits.

Other stuff: Equipment to bring, if you have them: chainsaws, axes, and long pry bars for rolling major logs, outdoor showers. BYOW (bring your own water)

some trail photos


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