Trip Rules

These are the rules we have found to be helpful on a club outing. They are simple rules, not intended to restrict your fun, but rather act as a reminder. If these, or similar rules are followed, it will increase your enjoyment of four-wheeling and camping, and will provide safety for your family.

  1. Don’t be a “Litter Bug”. The rule is “What you carry in – you carry out”. Provide a sack or container for your own trash. Don’t expect someone else to take care of your trash for you. And, of course never throw away anything from a moving vehicle.
  2. Don’t be careless about matches. Be sure fires are put out completely.
  3. Firearms are not allowed to exposed in camp.
  4. Speed limit recommended within camp areas is 5 miles per hour.
  5. When traveling with other four wheel drive vehicles, always wait at the turn for the vehicle behind you. Keep the vehicle behind you in your sight. If you don’t see a vehicle behind you, stop. Radio the vehicle behind you or go back if necessary.
  6. Obey the trail boss as to the rules for each trip. Often you are in a national forest, state park or on private property, and it is the responsibility of your leader to keep the group from violating any privileges extended to them.
  7. Destruction of any plants, turf, etc., is certainly to be avoided.
  8. Park and forest regulations are laws and shall be obeyed. Drinking on the trail is not recommended. Rangers can hand out DUI the same as highway patrol officers and can be counted the same as if issued on the highway.
  9. If you leave the caravan or trip, please tell the trail boss or person in charge.
  10. Outdoor bathroom stops may be handled by “Men to the left, Women to the right”. Easy way to remember is women are always right.
  11. Overnight camping is a little different since you are together for longer periods of time, and are out of your vehicles. Courtesy towards your fellow campers should be maintained regarding noise (cars, motorbikes, musical instruments, voices, etc.); campfires (check with your group about location); Animals (pets should be kept on leases or under control at all times); and children (keep track of your own – a lost child is a disaster!).

If you have any questions please ask your trail boss or another club member. Better to be safe than sorry. Have a good time!

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