Land Use



The rubicon has been the topic of much discussion recently. Here is the web
site for more information or if you would like to volunteer to help keep this great trail open:
Friends of the Rubicon

Surprise Canyon

As most of you know who are on the ED4 mailing list Surprise Canyon will be
closed on Feb 15, 2001 by the BLM. This is an “Emergency” closure to motorized

Land Use issues and You

Today we all have very limited time and many of us have a burning desire to
get out of doors and commune with nature. This is in part why off-road and
four wheel driving have become more popular. Using a four wheel drive vehicle
is an inexpensive and efficient way to get out of major population centers (ie
cities!). They allow us to leave the high-way noises behind and get close to

With more and more people on our planet, in our country, and in our state there
is less and less room for each of us. Combine this with more and more land
closures to protect animals and plants, you get over crowding and over use.

We all must take personal action to ensure that we care for the our lands
better than most of us care for our homes and our personal health. Our natural
resource need our protection. We all share the environment and as users and
promoters of wilderness recreation, we have a responsibility to ensure that our
actions are supportive of our desires for wonderful places to commune with
nature. We must also be involved in the decisions about how our lands are best
managed. There are many more arm chair environmentalist than true outdoor
folks. These people think of city parks as being outdoors. While, being
literate and well meaning, some environmentalist have been know to latch onto
environmental issues that do not impact them like closing lands to the public.

As a group of active outdoor environmentalist Esprit De Four club members
are actively involved in the preservation of our natural lands while still
maintaining recreational access to these lands via designated
environmentally sound trails in these lands. We live, teach, and follow the
guidance of Tread Lightly!,

Despite this, and efforts by the California
Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs,
there are those who would deny our right to use public lands
responsibly. There are many things which you as an outdoor environmentalist
can do to help maintain responsible management of our public lands.

The following information is posted to help distribute information about land
use issues and what you can do to protect your rights to enjoy our
public lands.


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