Loro P.
Oct. 17 - 19, 2008

I want to echo that the trip was great.

I arrived just as it got dark on Friday.

Tom had agreed to share a site with me so after registering my dogs & vehicle I returned to the campsite & was invited to the Kroeker’s site for
dinner what a nice surprise (thanks to Kathy & Darell & Mike & Dede for tasty meal).

After I set up my tent I went over to join the group at Brian’s family site where a nice fire was burning and people & my dogs were enjoying visiting with everyone.

Sat AM we met up and headed out for the run. The area was very nice and the route had a variety of terrain & challenges. We had a few rain drops and then some sleet that cut the lunch break short. It was fun to see the historic areas. I want to thank eveyone that helped to spot or offer advice along the run.

When we got back to camp I let me dogs go for a swim & then a hike a ways along the lake shore.

There was still time for a happy hour by the campfire before going in for nice dinner at the resort. After dinner lots more time around the campfire and time to relax and enjoy company of others that enjoy getting out & exploring areas in our rigs.

Brain did a great job finding an area that met the needs of campers, indoor overnight sleepers and dog owners. It was also a bonus to have a place to eat out (inside) and to have nice lake that you could fish or boat in and dogs were allowed to swim in. There seem to be many more places to explore using the same place as a base and I hope we will do that.

Thanks to everyone that made the trip so much fun for me & Sierra & Alpine
too. Loro


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