Hello All,

Thanks for the reminder about the trip report and to all those that helped make the walk a success.

Those in attendance from ED4 were : Ellen Layendecker, Ira Weiny, Lorrie Weiny, Ole Stortroen, Sherry Stortroen, Mark Padowski and Matt Saul. I, Matt Saul was at Vasona on Friday April 23rd from 8-5:30 setting up tables and the route for Saturdays walk. It was a very nice sunny day. Saturday at 5am, Ellen took her spot at the side gate, Ole was in charge at the front gate, Ira, Mark, Lorrie, Sherry and I loaded up and got the stuff ready for the checkpoint setup. Lorrie and Sherry went off to the walk and Ira, Mark and I setup the checkpoints. Dropped off tables, water and all the items to run the checkpoint. Throughout the day we stocked the checkpoints and helped pull down the checkpoints at the end of the day. It was a beautiful day out, sunny and hot. The March Of Dimes expected about 1500 walkers and got around 2000. All said, we provided a lot of help to a worthy cause and it was a day well spent.

Thanks to all that helped,



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