The Molina trip consisted of Brian, Eric and myself from ED4. The day started off at 7am. We had planned on doing all the hard routes and expected a long day. We only had one long wait in morning and we were moving at a good pace. I then made the dumb comment of ” This day is going nice. We have had no problems”. A couple hours later we were doing the one last hard trail.

Some people were stop on the trail so we turned off our engines and waited. When it was time to go my truck would not start. There was a group of 5 rigs behind me. Since the trail was very narrow no one could get by. The guys came and helped me try to figure out why it wasn’t starting. Turned out the fuel pump wasn’t working. We move the Cherokee forward to a clearing to let people by while trying to figure out the problem. The 6 guys stayed to help. One more thing. While in camp I met a person with a modified XJ and he had joined us for the day. By a stoke of luck the only other XJ on the run was with me. That allowed me to swap electrical components to narrow the problem down. Still could not get the pump running. It was then one of the people I just met pulled out a inline fuel pump for a Ford. My XJ has the pump in the gas tank. As a last ditch effort I pulled out the fuel filter and put the Ford pump there. The pump was wired to one of my fog light relays so I could turn it on and off from the cab. Presto, the truck ran.

I asked the guy how much for the pump. He said keep the pump when your done so you can help someone else. This was my fist major problem at a Cal 4 Wheel event and it was nice to see how helpful strangers are.

PS . I am still trying to figure out the problem.


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